Windows April Feature Update (1803)

It seems Microsoft thinks it’s necessary to provide a “new and improved” version of Windows again. To this end, they have released Windows 10 version 1803. I have a half-dozen systems here running Windows 10 and all but one have successfully updated to 1803 on their own without issue. That’s great.

I also have a primary work system where I do all of my photo/video editing and writing. As it is, since the (many) failed updates, it’s sputtering with features like Search no longer working.

I’ve seen this before. Consider that I’ve been installing Windows since V1.0 in 1986. Typically, I can solve most issues by simplifying the system and reinstalling the components one-by-one to determine the failing element. I even bought a new 1TB SSD drive to eliminate residual software issue.  This time, none of these strategies worked, so I called Microsoft Support and worked through three levels of support engineers to no avail. They are studying the logs. These are like the crime-scene photos and Medical Examiner’s report.

My biggest concern (and this is addressed to my friends who still work at Microsoft) is that I have over a dozen friends on FB who are having similar problems and the people at Microsoft Support in India say there are no other incidents on file. I beg to differ. They say Microsoft has 35 days to get this fixed… I hope they do.

I would hate to have to scrap this very nice system because I can’t get security updates installed.


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