Windows April Feature Update (1803)

It seems Microsoft thinks it's necessary to provide a "new and improved" version of Windows again. To this end, they have released Windows 10 version 1803. I have a half-dozen systems here running Windows 10 and all but one have successfully updated to 1803 on their own without issue. That's great. I also have a primary … Continue reading Windows April Feature Update (1803)

Seattle’s Homeless—Another Solution

Seattle, like many cities large and small all over the country, is facing a homeless crisis. The homeless have been studied, vilified, embraced, patronized, and pushed from one encampment to another as we struggle with a real solution to the problem.  As I see it, (and I'm no expert), there are many reasons people resort … Continue reading Seattle’s Homeless—Another Solution

The 2015 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Since I live within artillery range of Microsoft, I got up at 06:30 to attend the annual shareholders’ meeting. I showed up early and got a cup of tea to chat with other stockholders (many were my age or older). Perhaps I would find a publisher for one of my books. I found very few … Continue reading The 2015 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting