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Trusting our Kids and the World

Not being a parent, a fellow author asked if kids nine to twelve would typically have cell phones. Several folks answered in the affirmative—one reminded us of a Federal program to give flip-phones to seniors and underprivileged kids. This got me thinking. How many people today take this level of connectivity between parents and kids … Continue reading Trusting our Kids and the World

On Holiday Travel

About two months ago, my spouse announced she’s going to visit our daughter (George) in Florida for Christmas. She didn’t expect me to want to go because of… well, let’s just say “issues.” Our other daughter, Fred was also going. “Count me in,” I said, without a lot of enthusiasm — as when agreeing to go to … Continue reading On Holiday Travel

The Other Christmas Letter

Our Christmas letter this year was…well, bland due to my wife’s insistence that I not make it more interesting. I offer this to my friends who really understand my penchant for exaggeration and frivolity. Another year has passed for the Redmond Vaughn’s. At least we survived. I would like to announce my YA series The … Continue reading The Other Christmas Letter

Are Shopping Malls a Thing of the Past?

And then again, a large complex of stores might not make much sense in the future, but in the future… I’m working on The Timkers — Borrowed Time, where the story is set in 2084. The world is a very different place for people as computer “personal assistants” anticipate our every (as in every) need. If we … Continue reading Are Shopping Malls a Thing of the Past?