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SALE! 50 Percent Off

Since the discount codes for my books are being discontinued by CreateSpace on November first, I decided to create 50% off discount codes for anyone to use before then. Just go to and enter the code RZ92GPYH to get a print copy of "The Timkers--A Stitch in Time" my five-star new adult novel. Or the code [...]

Trusting our Kids and the World

Not being a parent, a fellow author asked if kids nine to twelve would typically have cell phones. Several folks answered in the affirmative—one reminded us of a Federal program to give flip-phones to seniors and underprivileged kids. This got me thinking. How many people today take this level of connectivity between parents and kids [...]


I'm reminded of the book "On the Beach" (Nevil Shute, 1957) published when I was ten and read when I was twenty. The people in Australia could only sit and wait while the radiation cloud approached from the north. There was nothing they could do but take that last vacation, drive in that last race, [...]