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Self-Publishing—a Memoir

I could (literally) write a book about self-publishing. I was asked a few leading questions by a new author who had wisely decided to focus not on the revenue of publishing his book, but on helping others with its content. I thought this story of how I got started in self-publishing as well as traditional … Continue reading Self-Publishing—a Memoir

Being Prepared

On Friday, October 18th Redmond starts a two day disaster drill to test the systems we've readied to support the city of Redmond in case of a disaster. This has prompted me to write a paper on being prepared. Billions of people all over the world live their lives from day-to-day without electrical power to … Continue reading Being Prepared

A Christmas Story

I wrote a short story for my Facebook friends that I thought you would enjoy. Christmas 1969: I arrived in Vietnam in April (IIRC) of 1969 and flew helicopter combat and resupply missions until one day in late December, the Captain came up to me. "Mr. Vaughn?" "Yes, sir," I said, thinking "Now what?" "Do … Continue reading A Christmas Story

Saving Water 1.6 Gallons at a Time

I have an aversion to cold showers. I expect most of us do. To make sure the water temperature is closer to 98.6° before I expose my skin to the spray, I run the shower or a bathroom fixture for about 45 seconds (yes, I measured it) to bring up hot water from the water … Continue reading Saving Water 1.6 Gallons at a Time

Why Veterans Should Abhor Him

As many of you already know, I was in the Army. I enlisted (to avoid being drafted) in 1969. I served until 1972 not long after I was taken off flight status due to yet-to-be correctly diagnosed issues with my back and legs that prevented me from sitting in a cockpit. My life began again … Continue reading Why Veterans Should Abhor Him

Angel’s Adventure

On Tuesday, my wife Marilyn announced that she wanted to get out of the house. I checked her temperature and pulse--she seemed to be okay, but this was a radical change. She has not gone down the hill for anything but doctor's appointments since early March. She had had enough. "What about driving the North … Continue reading Angel’s Adventure

On Taxes

The question of the day after last night's debate (October 15, 2019) is "Will we have to pay more in taxes after January 2021?" The answer is Yes. Why? Well, for one thing, for the last four years the Russian-elected government, the Reds, have given billions in tax breaks and removed price regulations--a gift to … Continue reading On Taxes

What’s a Critique Group

Someone in the Writers Helping Writers group on Facebook wanted to know how to get others to review their work and when. Melissa Watkins Alexander (a member of my critique group) suggested that books should be developed from the very beginning with help of a critique group. I agree. I also thought people should understand … Continue reading What’s a Critique Group

The Writer’s Myth

I'm in a number of Facebook groups dedicated to helping writers write well and get their books in front of readers. Over the years, we have seen many cases of wannabe writers pushing their stories into keyboards which (if they could) wince at the grammar and punctuation mistakes. To make matters worse, we have "publishers" … Continue reading The Writer’s Myth

On Blackface Politicians

My mother's family is from the Shenandoah Valley. My grandfather was a Judge and my uncle a prominent attorney. Many live there to this day. I understand they or their ancestors owned slaves in the early years, but others participated in the underground railroad. That was the past. We also have to consider that the … Continue reading On Blackface Politicians