The Artwork

Our books tell a story with both words and pictures—it takes both to engage the reader. The book covers were all created in Photoshop by the author using photographs taken in and around Seattle and on trips to the Alaska wilderness. The photograph of the Snowy Owl on the cover of The Owl Wrangler was photographed by David Hemming, the world-famous wildlife photographer and used with his permission.

The Seldith Chronicles is fully illustrated with drawings by the very talented Sarah Livingston. These are a few from The Owl Wrangler.

The second and third books in The Seldith Chronicles series include illustrations by Sarah Livingston, and in the third book Quest for The Truth, we used drawings by the author and the budding talents of the Canyon Park Middle School art class.

These are by Cheyenne W.

These were drawn by Ellie R.

These were drawn by Yen P.

and these were drawn by Mary B.