The Timkers

This is the story the Timkers, an unseen and unnoticed band of engineers, sociologists, and historians who ‘tinker’ with time. People from all walks of life, they venture back in time to do what they can to avoid their own grim, cataclysmic future. What drives them? They have seen the what the earth looks like in the year 2094 and they want to change Earth’s destiny to at least delay the end of their (and our) world. Think of it this way. If you could see your future and discovered you would die in a car crash in a year’s time, wouldn’t you do whatever you could to change that fate? Now think about that in reverse. Suppose your house burned down and you lost everything. If you could go back in time to make sure that a car was not blocking the hydrant and the burner on the stove was turned off, wouldn’t you?

Déjà Vu

Book Two of The Timkers begins six years later in Sam’s life. He’s trying to settle into a normal life on the University of Washington campus when he notices something isn’t right. Something is wrong with time. It’s as if someone or something is changing his life, his timeline between breaths. Before he knows it, he’s tossed back to 1936 where he has to confront the girl he loved and left behind.

Out of time

In 2094, three generations in the future, red skies boil with unbreathable air and black fetid oceans no longer teem with life. As humans devise ways to escape the planet or their dying bodies, sentient electronic life forms, unaffected by the inhospitable air, have taken on the challenge to help save humanity. Hopes dim when an unspeakable truth is discovered by a cadre of bots. They must bring this secret into the open but are stymied by sinister forces engineering the massive deception.

A Stitch in time

Sam Harkins was running out of options. Laid off from his job, he had one final chance but it meant he had to catch that last bus out of town. Rushing to the station, his past caught up with him and he killed a man defending himself. Now the police were looking for him. He stowed away on the next bus. This decision would change his life forever.

Borrowed Time

Sam discovers the Timkers time agents are from the future—the year 2084. He was sent there, albeit briefly by mistake and he did not want to return but circumstances force him to relive the horrors. His mission is to save humanity—from itself. The third book in the series takes Sam into a world destroyed by mankind’s inability to control its greed and lust for fossil fuels. Robots have taken on most jobs and mankind envies their immortality

Book four of The Timkers series is a stand-alone novel. While its storyline follows the previous three books, you won’t have to read the others to enjoy the fast-paced action and the exciting conclusion.