Buy Our Books

All of our independently published books are available from Amazon or CreateSpace in print or in Kindle format. Search for “Seldith” for the YA titles and “Timkers” for the general fiction titles.

Buying Directly from CreateSpace

We use CreateSpace (Amazon’s wholly-owned printing house) to print of our books—in many cases, so does Amazon. You too can order directly from CreateSpace and perhaps save some money.

When purchasing from CreateSpace, a considerably higher royalty is paid to the author and passed along to charity.

Here’s a discount code that will save you 10% off the retail price: U2HZLH2C. 

Click on the following links to open the CreateSpace Direct store page for each of our books.

The Timkers

The Seldith Chronicles

Buying from Amazon

All of our books are also available from Amazon in both Kindle and Print versions. Due to the vastly shrinking share of revenues paid by Amazon for inclusion in the Kindle Select program for Prime customers and subscribers, we’ve opted out of that program so starting in September of 2017, all books will be available, but at full price. Kindle versions are generally less than $3.75 each and print books are generally less than $14.95.

The Timkers

The Seldith Chronicles


Want to get your Kindle signed and don’t want the author to write on it with a marks-a-lot? Check out AuthorGraph, a new service that can let you get custom-signatures from your favorite author. I’ll be happy to send you a signed book plate for your print version—just send a SASE.

Where to Buy Our Books

When you buy from an independent publisher like Beta V, you have to decide where you want your money to go—and remember all proceeds go to charity. If order from Barnes and Noble bookstores or online, we get less than $.75 a copy for a $14.95 title. However, if you buy the same book directly through CreateSpace, we get a little more than half of the sale price, about $6.50—a considerable difference. Ordering through Amazon removes one of the two middlemen, so we get a bit more but only about $2.10 a copy.

If you live in the Redmond, Washington, area, McDonald’s Book Exchange is one of the fine independent bookstores that carry all of our books—and all are signed.

In the Summer of 2017, Brick and Mortar, the new bookstore in Redmond Town Center began carrying all of our books. Go in and ask for Dan. Tell him William sent you.

If you buy the Kindle version of one of our books, we get about half the list price (after deductions), unless the book is enrolled in the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select program, in which case we get a tiny (very tiny) share of the revenue from the Kindle books sold as a pay-for-page royalty. It’s currently $.004. This means the author only gets paid for the pages you read. It is for this reason, our latest books aren’t enrolled in this program.