Pictures and Stories from Alaska

I met many, many delightful people on my last tour/cruise to Alaska. This was Marilyn and my eleventh (or is it twelfth) trip to this beautiful state. I promised many of these people that I would post some of the best of my pictures here on my website and I’ll put a few of them here today, but I’m currently suffering from a “cruise-cold” so more will have to wait until I deal with pressing issues such as taking my wife to the airport, my brother to the train (at the same time), five doctor’s appointments and having to republish all of my books on Ingram/Sparks in the next couple of weeks.

Either check back here for the link to the cloud site or send me some email (on the bookmarks I gave you) to indicate you would like to be notified when they are available. No, I don’t plan to SPAM you with daily updates or any sales pitches for my books. Sure, if you want to buy my books, that would be nice as all proceeds are donated to charities like Habitat for Humanity and other worthy causes.

And please, do not republish these pictures without express permission. All are copyright(c) 2018 by William R. Vaughn and all rights are reserved. Thanks.


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