The Black Panther and Education

We just saw The Black Panther to escape from the oppressive heat here in Redmond.  Before you reply “88 degrees? That’s nothing it’s 104 here in…,” consider that we’re not used to it, and we don’t have air-conditioning, as we usually only have a few days of heat every year. No one wants to see me sleep au-natural.

As to the movie, it was all right (three stars). I thought the acting was a bit thin in places and the story fairly predictable–but that’s not fair, I’m a fantasy author and I usually guess the plot twists beforehand. I thought the CGI was up to current standards. The only technical flaw I noticed was the scene in the airplane graveyard. It was supposed to be in Hong Kong but based on the “N-prefix” tail-numbers, it was in the US–or at least they were mostly US wrecks.

My real reason for this essay is to talk about the plight of the blacks living in this country. I agree with the storyline that they’ve been oppressed too long–centuries too long. I do not agree that they should take up arms–even though the not-so-clever gun manufacturers make them as easy to pick up as trash in the gutters.

Until proven otherwise, I sincerely think the solution is in education. If we can fund the schools, educate the impoverished children and their parents and get them into better long-term jobs in emerging worthwhile industries, on farms, on construction sites, and back to employment that rebuilds their self-esteem, they can overcome their poverty. Of course, this will take a serious commitment from the whites, and the other races. It will take a lot of money, more teachers, more schools, more trade schools, and more dedication on the part of those whom can make this happen–people like you and me.

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