Solar Win for California and China

Great. Every new home in California will have solar panels. Too bad we didn’t invest more heavily in the technology so American companies would be manufacturing the panels. Most will be built in China.

Know an American company which does manufacture panels and roofing tiles? Tesla.


I checked out the Google Project Sunroof site last week to see if my house would work with a solar roof. They were able to map every house in the area and mark which rooves would generate sufficient power to justify installation. My roof, here in rainy Seattle, would generate 95% of our needs. If I cut down that big (messy) fir tree in my front yard, I could generate enough power to run the meter backward. (Ah, no. I like the trees too much).

I asked Tesla if they could quote a partial-replacement–only cover the front south-facing roof segment. They said that’s a possibility.  They have several attractive tile designs–some of which look very much like the existing roof.


Of course, the fossil fuel companies will do everything they can get their store-bought Congressmen to delay, tax, and derail this effort.

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