On Offending those on the Right

I again offended my midwest farmer friends and relatives on Facebook or those who appreciate them. I apologize. I also appreciate hard-working men and women who work hard against impossible odds to bring us the food we all need. I didn’t mean to indict wide swaths of America as ignorant fools who aren’t smart enough to vote for their own interests–but if the shoe fits. This morning, China announced it has stopped buying the soybeans these same Trump-supporting farmers raise and take to now non-existent markets. You can thank your President for this.

No, I don’t appreciate those who would elect people who pass unconstitutional laws, who for whatever reason elect men who rape the environment, disrespect women, hate minorities, ignore the law and run the government like it was their private fiefdom. The same people have utterly destroyed the economy in several states including Kansas. Your schools are in ruin and your legislators are more interested in lining the pockets of business than fixing roads, bridges and paying their public workers. But still, you support them in the voting booth because they oppose abortion.

I am also against abortion, but I respect a woman’s right to choose. I also understand science and statistics which tells us that if you want to stop the need for abortions, educate the young people in your state about sex and make birth control easily available. In states where birth control is freely available, unwanted pregnancies and abortions have plummetted. I also understand many men and women are desperate to have children but discover that their unborn fetus is literally killing the mother and must be aborted to save her life–so she can have more children. Usually, these issues don’t appear in the first weeks or months of the pregnancy.

Abortion is a tragedy, but if dealt with humanely, does not have to further risk the life of the mother. Onerous abortion laws mean women will often self-abort and often with fatal results. It means they will not have their own, trusted doctor perform the procedure but have to put their lives in the hands of someone in a back alley.

And when these unwanted children are born, where is the state to support the mother and the newborn? These same states have slashed funding for social services and Medicaid for the poor and other programs to help raise these kids to be successful citizens.

Voting for a candidate because they support your one, most-important issue, even though it might seem laudable, is misguided. When you do, you end up electing men like Trump–a criminal, a traitor, a liar, a thief, a misogynist, an adulterer, and who belongs in prison, not in the White House. So many other convicted criminals are running for office and winning primaries. How is this the American way? What have we become?

Go ahead, block me. I won’t shut up because you’re afraid of hearing the truth.


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