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Quest for The Truth

Book Three of The Seldith Chronicles

When umans wipe out one Seldith settlement after another, the elven survivors must renew their search for sanctuary. Among the orphans are Feesa, a faerie princess hiding among the Seldith, and Foucosi whose elven clan brutally persecutes her race. Somehow, she must find her way back to the faerie kingdom before the Seldith discover her royal identity. Angered by Tovenaar’s and Emperor’s malevolence, Weiger and Herangelica head for Shutz Norte while Hisbil tries to harness the Guardians’ power to galvanize the clan and lead them to a new refuge. Ultimately cornered by marauding umans, Hisbil finds the clan’s only escape means facing up to their own hatreds and love for The Truth.

We also meet a new family of characters including Feesa.
Feesa has a secret--a secret which got her sister killed. She and her family were living with an elven clan where faeries are hated and expelled, and now killed. When she has to go up on the hillside to pick berries with Foucosi, an elven boy, every step takes her closer to the terror of being discovered. She looks back at their camp to see a tree crush her entire family--and his. In the chaos, she's trapped in the ensuing fire. As she slips into darkness, she feels his hand on hers. She awakens to find him standing over her--her wings exposed. He knows.

Quest for The Truth is available directly from CreateSpace and Amazon in both Kindle and printed forms. Click on individual titles for more information.