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The Owl Wrangler

The Seldith Chronicles book one

When the Seldith clanís Owl Wrangler mysteriously disappears, his son Hisbil, a five-inch forest elf, must take on this perilous duty or face exile from the clan. Trying to clear his fatherís name, Hisbil gets help from his pesky little sister, who can heal with a touch, a pretty and clairvoyant classmate, and an exiled clansman whose motives are far from pure. Armed with little more than a wand and a spell heís never used, Hisbil and his Seldith cohorts endure a harrowing odyssey of danger, deception and battle until Hisbil finally discovers the real truth about his calling, his father and the Seldith clan.


The Owl Wrangler is available directly from CreateSpace and Amazon in both Kindle and printed forms. Click on individual titles for more information.