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The Seldith


The 'Seldith' are a clan of forest elves no taller than a mushroom living in the woods all around us–or at least that's what they tell me. These elves are unique in that their clans worship The Truth, and maintain an enormous Book of Truth  explaining the laws by which they are to live. The Seldith believe that if something's not catalogued in The Book of Truth, it simply does not exist.


The Owl Wrangler, the first book in the series, follows Hisbil, the son of the clan's Owl Wrangler. When his father mysteriously disappears,  Hisbil must take on his perilous duty or face banishment from the clan. Wanting to clear his father’s name, Hisbil gets unwanted help from his pesky little sister, a pretty and clairvoyant classmate, and an exiled clansman. Armed with little more than a wand he's never used, Hisbil and his elven cohorts endure a harrowing odyssey of danger, deception and battle until Hisbil discovers the real truth about his calling, his father and his Seldith clan's Book of Truth.


The saga continues in Guardians of the Sacred Seven when Hisbil has to take his newly discovered evidence to the Seldith Summit of Truth and defend himself before the Ministers of Truth. Caught up in a violent plot, he's faced with a terrible choice–jeopardize the live of his sister and his friends or give up his attempt to indict the Council members behind the corruption. The result is utter calamity.


In Quest for The Truth, as one Seldith encampment after another is crushed, the Seldith are forced to flee. Perhaps their only refuge is the forbidden faerie kingdom–a race they have been taught to hate. Unbeknownst to Hisbil, a recent visitor to his encampment might have the key to their salvation.