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The following are prototype covers for upcoming books. Note that all of the photographs were taken by the author with the exception of the Snowy Owl on the Owl Wrangler's cover which was licensed from David Hemming.

The Owl Wrangler

V1.0 using original cover's background. Black and white theme.

V2.0 New background image. Black and white theme.

V3.0 New background image with color approach

V4.0 Color and rendering with watercolor filter

V5.0 with tuning



Guardians of the Sacred Seven

Guardians of the Sacred Seven (V2.0)

The first and second edition cover. This was generated by a CreateSpace tempate.

Guardians of the Sacred Seven V4.0

New text with existing color picture.

Guardians Cover V5.0

Titles A770-Roman font, gold color, rescaled.

updated precis.

Quest for The Truth

Truth Awakens V3.3

This version uses a color background with superimposed eagles front and back.

Truth Awakens V4.0

This uses a black and white rendered picture.

Quest for The Truth

New layout, new title.

Added hummingbird, eyes

This is the final version.