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Progressive Business and Beta V have partnered together to present another series of developer-centric webinars. The current series focuses on SQL Server and Reporting Services and consists of six 90-minute talks given two a day for three days. The next scheduled offerings are September 9-11, October 13-15 and November 2-5th. See the following link for an outline and pricing details. Note that this series includes a copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition) as well as a copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services.

Visual Studio, SQL Server & Reporting Services: 6 High Impact Training Sessions
This is a set of 6 seminars given in two parts one that focuses on SQL Server, the second on Reporting Services. This high-impact series of training webinars is for anyone who wants to leverage Visual Studio, SQL Server and Reporting Services best practices- learning what works, what doesn't and why. These sessions are for developers, architects and managers who want to know how and (more importantly) when to leverage the power and benefits of SQL Server and Reporting Services.

The webinars I’ve already recorded (and those I’m going to present) can be found by visiting this site. Look under the “IT” heading to see links to the content. The recorded sessions might be repeated in the future but the recording are available:

CLR Executables: Stored Procedures, Functions, Aggregates, & User-Defined Types
(presented May 13, 2009)

  • This session will discuss how to create CLR executables in Visual Basic.NET and C#. We'll see how to create CLR stored procedures, functions, aggregates as well as user-defined types. The session demonstrates CLR executable development through use of Visual Studio as well as SQL Server Management Studio.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio & SQL Server Reporting 

(presented April 7, 2009)

  • This session discusses how Visual Studio developers can leverage the power of the Report Definition Language to manage and generate client-side reports or launch SQL Server Reporting Services reports. We'll discuss the latest MicrosoftReportViewer control as well as the Business Intelligence toolset exposed in Visual Studio 2008.

Managing and Writing High-Performance SQL Server Stored Procedures
(presented March 12, 2009)

  • Stored procedures have been recognized by database administrators and developers as the most efficient mechanism to access and protect SQL Server databases. When written and executed correctly, these server-side blocks of code can significantly improve performance, security and developer efficiency.


DevTeach Comes to Toronto

My next gig is DevTeach Toronto where I'm giving my popular workshop "Pragmatic Application Design". This series of sessions is designed to take a developer, architect or database administrator through the fundamentals and many of the more technical details and best practices used when designing applications using the .NET Framework, Visual Studio and SQL Server. This workshop is not about future or expected versions of Visual Studio or the unreleased tools and platforms you hear so much about—it’s about how to best use the existing, stable and trusted versions of the .NET Framework, Visual Studio and SQL Server. The sessions talk about real-world and practical solutions to the problems most companies face—especially smaller companies or smaller departments in larger companies that have to interface with existing data stores of all shapes and sizes.

This session includes a copy of my latest book "Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition)"

For more reasons...

I made two mistakes last night. First, I didn’t stand in line to get into the TechEd 2006 (Boston) keynote early enough to get a seat near the aisle. The second mistake was attending in the first place. Earlier in the day we had an MVP meeting where we heard from MVPs that Microsoft’s focus seemed to be toward the “Enterprise” and away from smaller companies. This message was pretty clear in the keynote address. Virtually all of the features demonstrated and “promised” (except Avalon) were clearly for the largest of companies. What I did hear (that was worthwhile) was the new technology that promises to encrypt the contents of a laptop’s hard drive so a nefarious thief’s only option is to reformat the drive or toss it in the East river. Unfortunately, this technology comes far too late for the veterans and active-duty military whose data was lost. Keep reading...

So, they tell me that I'm doing a chalk-talk on the new ReportViewer control in Visual Studio. That's cool as it's one of the most interesting additions to the Visual Studio tools suite. The question is, how the heck and I going to do an hour-long presentation without a demo, or a projector to show it with? I'm thinking about bringing hand-puppets. Check the schedule for the exact times but I asked for Tuesday or Wednesday morning sometime. I'll probably get 0-dawn 30. I expect that most folks will want to know how much of the work they've invested in the Reporting Services RDL-based reports can be leveraged with the ReportViewer.

Day/Time: Wednesday, June 14 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM Room: 157 ABC
Speaker(s): William Vaughn
SQL Express is the version of SQL Server 2005 designed to replace MSDE. In some scenarios, SQL Express is a viable replacement for the JET/Access database engine - it's safer and more reliable. Because SQL Express does not behave like JET in most respects, it can be a challenge for JET developers to understand how to control SQL Express and leverage its power from their applications. This talk discusses the differences in SQL Express, MSDE, JET and the other SQL Server Editions - including the just-announced SQL Server Everywhere edition. See how SQL Server Everywhere (which builds on the proven codebase of SQL Mobile) fills a need for a lightweight DBMS where SQL Express might be overkill. The session includes an overview of the new SQL Server Management Studio Express toolset and code used to manage SQL Express (or any instance of SQL Server) including discovery, starting, stopping and pausing instances. We also demonstrate how Visual Studio leverages SQL Server Express functionality into the IDE and permits developers to create, configure and deploy SQL Server Express databases with their applications.
Track(s): Database Development and Administration
Session Type(s): Breakout Session
Session Level(s): 200

Jonathan asked me to post this... I plan to go.

Hi All, we are putting together a gathering of ADO.NET, and data connectivity lumaries for an informal gathering during TechEd 2006. This will be an opportunity for everyone who lives and breaths data connectivity, ADO.NET and who is looking to get a first hand feel of everything on the horizon for ADO.NET, LINQ and .NET and meet some of the key players involved.
The date ? Meet up is on June 13, 2006
The time ? Between 4pm and 6.30pm
The where? Seaport Hotel in Boston.
If you think you are the kind of person who would be interested in this, either comment below, or shoot me an email! Of course there will be food and drink for all, so sign up fast as space is limited!
-Jonathan Bruce .NET & XQuery Program Manager
DataDirect Technologies
Jonathan Bruce []


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