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Tip: When working with the MovableType (Movable Type) dashboard, be sure to enable the “compatibility” mode in IE9. Otherwise several dialogs won’t work. It’s just another joy of working with IE9.

SMTPAuth (Settings panel does not appear)

A developer asked a question on MSDN that was similar to a question a few days earlier so I decided to help folks get over the problems of setting report parameters in ReportViewer projects.

Well, it’s official. Microsoft has abandoned another mainstream product with no replacement. When I installed the new IE9 I discovered that SharedView no longer worked. I quickly uninstalled IE9 and submitted a Connect bug and asked my MVP lead to check out what’s going on. He got back to me today with the grim news: “Microsoft SharedView is no longer supported by Microsoft.”


This is pretty sad. I leaves me and many other trainers and support professionals in the lurch. Now I have to find a suitable (non-Microsoft) replacement, test it and learn how to use it as well as update my course materials. I expect this is not nearly as expensive as the costs incurred by others that depend on SharedView on a daily basis.

Why is SharedView important? Yes there are other programs that purport to do the same. The SharedView advantage is that it's a MICROSOFT desktop sharing solution. You don't have to convince a customer that this free program is going to do anything but do what it's supposed to do. It's very lightweight, installs in seconds, is virtually pain-free and is brutally simple for each end to use. We have lots of sites where remote desktop is not an option--especially in my webinar classes. Consider that SV lets me view the system while the customer demonstrates a problem. I can take over his mouse and keyboard but only if he lets me and all he needs to do to take control back is move the mouse or press a key. It gave the customers a lot more confidence in their own system's security.

Wonder why the Microsoft stock is flat or falling while other companies continue to grow even in this economy? Now you know.

I’m working the forums this week and I’ve already seen several questions asking if SQL Server Express Edition is up to the task. Shown below are the Microsoft links to Express’ limitations but I would like to clarify just what the mean (and can’t say).

My new webinar/lab class launches next week on February 8-10. It’s the premier edition of a series of lectures and lab exercises that walk report developers through the process of learning enough Visual Basic to create serious report expressions for use with Reporting Services reports.

We follow the introduction to Visual Basic with an in-depth discussion of how to add code-based expressions to your reports, but more importantly, how to share the code between reports. The final session shows how to create managed-code DLLs that can be developed in C#, VB.NET or any .NET CLR language and leveraged by the report processor when rendering your report.

The mentored lab exercises walk you through the process of creating a Visual Basic test-harness, coding and debugging complex code expressions and finally, you’ll create your own sharable managed-code DLL that can be used in all kinds of deployed reports.

Here’s the link to the Progressive site.

I’m prepping for my webinar next week that includes new content on Reporting Services SharePoint Integration and I came across a problem. In Report Manager I can easily “move” a report from folder to folder—it’s just a point-and-click operation with a GUI interface that shows the destination folder. I tried to do the same with SharePoint and discovered that there is no “move”—just a copy operation that’s a lot harder to use and not nearly as intuitive as it should be.

This entry focuses on the code developers add to reports make them work, look better or expose custom functionality. Sometimes it’s simply adding green-bar but when these expressions get complex or have to be incorporated in many places in the report or in many reports (or both) productivity suffers.


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