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I tried (and apparently failed) to virtualize my website and blog. While the new HyperV system came up and the websites appeared, the blog would no longer filter out spam and would not interact with Windows Live Writer which makes it so easy to post blog entries. Fortunately, I left the old system intact so I could restart it on demand. Perhaps I can figure out what went wrong later but for now, we’re back on the old system.

Back from the Dark Side

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I just replaced my copper DSL with FIOS. This meant getting another IP address but it also means I can serve those who want to pull down my content at 5 MBS. Let me know if there are issues.

Nope, despite the fact my picture is in the brochure, I’m not going to be there. It seems they have run low on funds and had to cut back on hotel rooms which cut back on conference rooms that cut back on speakers. I would make sure your favorite speaker is still attending. I expect he or she is as they kept the core folks that draw the most attendees. Perhaps I’ll see you in Vegas in the fall…



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