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A developer asked a question on MSDN that was similar to a question a few days earlier so I decided to help folks get over the problems of setting report parameters in ReportViewer projects.

For those of you that don’t use Facebook to follow the Microsoft teams, I commented on a Facebook entry from the Denali team that pointed me to their new Denali blurb.

Nine Hours of Fast-Paced Training

Tomorrow (July 12th) I’ll be presenting my monthly webinar. It’s been updated to include more information about SQL Server Reporting Services (R2) and Visual Studio 2010. This high-impact series of six 90-minute webinars held over three mornings (Pacific time from 09:00-12:30) is for anyone who wants to leverage Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server and Reporting Services best practices—learning what works, what doesn't and why. These sessions are for developers, architects and managers who want to know how and (more importantly) when to leverage the power and benefits of SQL Server and Reporting Services. The fee also includes both of my Reporting Services and Visual Studio books.

Incidentally, Progressive does not care how many people sit in on the sessions so you can fill a meeting room or the local theater if you want to. These are also designed to be interactive—that is, I encourage the attendees to chat in questions anytime or ask over the phone at the end.

Want a front-row seat in my next Webinar? If so, I’m accepting applications for the live studio audience. All you need to do is send me an note saying why you would like to attend. I can comfortably sit about four people so get your application in early. Let me worry about the conference $999 fee, but if you bring doughnuts for everyone... I’ll pick the audience the Friday before the next talk.

I was asked to provide a quiz question for the Beyond Relational folks so I came up with this:

What issues are exposed when using SSPI authentication? How does one avoid these issues?

There were lots of answers that almost universally said that using SSPI authentication was the way to go. A number of folks cataloged many of the problems associated with SSPI including having to implement Kerberos when using multiple hops. I’m no fan of Kerberos as it can make a fairly simple client/server or Reporting Services site unmanageable. But everyone missed the point. Consider this scenario:


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