Sharing Managed Code in Report Expressions

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My new webinar/lab class launches next week on February 8-10. It’s the premier edition of a series of lectures and lab exercises that walk report developers through the process of learning enough Visual Basic to create serious report expressions for use with Reporting Services reports.

We follow the introduction to Visual Basic with an in-depth discussion of how to add code-based expressions to your reports, but more importantly, how to share the code between reports. The final session shows how to create managed-code DLLs that can be developed in C#, VB.NET or any .NET CLR language and leveraged by the report processor when rendering your report.

The mentored lab exercises walk you through the process of creating a Visual Basic test-harness, coding and debugging complex code expressions and finally, you’ll create your own sharable managed-code DLL that can be used in all kinds of deployed reports.

Here’s the link to the Progressive site.

This is another one of my lab-based courses. Consider how hard it is to absorb new technical material when you don’t have a chance to try it out until you get back to your office. By including mentored labs immediately following each lecture, we’re able to help students dig into the concepts while the instructor is right there waiting to help. This approach has been very well received, as it encourages the maximum amount of learning in the least amount of time. All of the software used for the labs is free—thanks to Microsoft’s generosity. We also include easy-to-understand setup instructions to make installation easy. Several sample projects and reports are also included to illustrate the points discussed in the lectures.


  • Visual Basic for Report Developers
    • Understanding Visual Basic
    • Creating Functions and Subroutines
    • Declaring Typed Constants and Variables
    • Managing Conditional Expressions and Looping
    • Testing and Debugging Expressions
    • Building an Expression Test-Harness Application
  • Implementing Report Expressions 
    • Creating Internal Report Expressions
    • Creating External Report Expressions
    • Coding Report Expression
    • Working with the Expression Editor
    • Managing Expressions in Calculated Fields and Data Queries
    • Solving Typical Problems with Expressions
  • Sharing Report Expression Code 
    • Expression Code Reuse and Sharing Issues
    • Creating Managed Assemblies for use in Report Expressions
    • Integrating Business Intelligence and Visual Studio
    • Creating, Testing and Deploying Custom Managed DLLs
    • Deploying Reports Containing Custom DLLs

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1 Comment

Thanks for seminar's agenda. It's important to know new directions and some updates in Microsoft development.


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