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I’ve been working with the new “2008 R2” Reporting Services BI tools (which generate 2010 RDL) that get installed with the latest release of SQL Server. Ah, I have a pretty good idea why Microsoft chose to release this “sub-release” instead of a “2010” version, but I’ll leave that discussion to another post. At this time (unless its already too late) I would like to provide a few suggestions for the Reporting Services team working on the 2011 version of the BI tools. Sadly, I expect that these tools are cast in stone somewhere on campus or on the other side of the world…

Some time ago, I was asked to sign up to take surveys from one of those e-Rewards sites that advertized that I could get American Airlines miles for answering questions about the stuff I buy and the way I shop. Okay, I can always use a few extra miles. Well, not long afterwards they sent me a message saying that AA had backed out and I would have to settle for the rewards they had. Okay, there seemed to be a number of worthwhile “rewards” but I never really started looking as I didn’t have enough points to get anything.

My dad told me 50 years ago that if you’re going to cut trees for a living, you need the best, sharpest axe they make or the biggest, baddest chain saw. Well, since my current dev system has been keeping me (and my webinar attendees) staring at hourglasses for far too long, I decided to spring for a more powerful system. I expect the reason for this need for speed is that Microsoft (and everyone else) keeps assuming that everyone has i7 950 systems—like the systems they use to test consumer software. Add to that the pitiful performance of Windows Live Meeting and we all end up frustrated.

This week I’m transitioning my existing Reporting Services catalog to SQL Server 2008 R2. I’m also building a separate VM where I can demonstrate the differences in “native” vs. SharePoint integration. This blog will serve as a notepad to log the issues I encounter along the way. Incidentally, I had to bump up the VM RAM to 3GB to get this install sequence to run without swapping. I also allocated 3 processors to the VM as it was also CPU bound with only one processor. I noticed that deploy performance was noticeably longer once SharePoint integration was enabled.


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