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I’m scheduled to give another in a series of webinars on May 13th. This one’s on SQL Server Common Language Runtime (CLR) executables. It’s sponsored by Progressive Management Audio Conferences so you’ll have to pay the fee ($199) to get in. See their website to get access to the feed.

I tried (and apparently failed) to virtualize my website and blog. While the new HyperV system came up and the websites appeared, the blog would no longer filter out spam and would not interact with Windows Live Writer which makes it so easy to post blog entries. Fortunately, I left the old system intact so I could restart it on demand. Perhaps I can figure out what went wrong later but for now, we’re back on the old system.

While working on a new project to illustrate the performance benefits of using client-side expressions to filter rowsets I came across a few issues that I would like to see Visual Studio’s Business Intelligence toolset  address:


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