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DevTeach Comes to Toronto

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My next gig is DevTeach Toronto where I'm giving my popular workshop "Pragmatic Application Design". This series of sessions is designed to take a developer, architect or database administrator through the fundamentals and many of the more technical details and best practices used when designing applications using the .NET Framework, Visual Studio and SQL Server. This workshop is not about future or expected versions of Visual Studio or the unreleased tools and platforms you hear so much about—it’s about how to best use the existing, stable and trusted versions of the .NET Framework, Visual Studio and SQL Server. The sessions talk about real-world and practical solutions to the problems most companies face—especially smaller companies or smaller departments in larger companies that have to interface with existing data stores of all shapes and sizes.

This session includes a copy of my latest book "Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition)"

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