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Improving Personal Computer System Performance

So, you’ve reached the conclusion that your laptop or desktop personal computer is not running as fast as the day you bought it. There are a number of folks out there that are trying to capitalize on this rather common complaint. I’m sure you’ll find lots of sites that offer software downloads (usually free) that can “radically improve system performance” or make equally unbelievable claims. Folks looking for ways to save money on gas are often tempted with equally outrageous claims made by those selling gadgets that fit over your carburetor or magic fluids to dump into your gas tank. Most of us recognize these products as bogus because we understand car engines or that you can’t increase your car’s stability by putting a bowling ball in the trunk.

To better understand how to make your computer as fast as it can be, it’s important to know how a computer works and what makes it run more slowly.


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