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One of the "inside" aliases that I monitor posed the question: What should a (very) introductory Visual Basic .NET course (for college students) contain? At least one response went into some detail that (IMHO) missed what students getting started as programmers really need to know.
My answer:
I might start (a very introductory course) in much the same way as I did when I taught CS101 to college students. Let’s assume, that these students know these foundational concepts—what’s a CPU, what’s RAM, disk, and the rest. Can we assume that these students are going to need know how to solve business problems with a computer program they have written themselves—as opposed to doing it with ledgers, 3x5 cards or Excel?

To do so they will need to know how to:
• Learn what needs to be done. This might mean interviewing customers those that will use the application and understanding the problem they are trying to solve. Too many developers come up with a solution to problems that don’t exist or don’t address the customer’s problems.
• Learn how to design before coding.


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