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Jack Burlin responded to my recent editorial in Processor Magazine. His feedback was very interesting... I thought others might feel so as well. He reminds us that if the light on your surge protector is off, the MOV component used to shunt high voltage spikes to ground might be dead and no longer protecting your equipment.
I enjoyed your article in the January 19 issue of processor. Your discussion of VA compared to Watts was interesting, so I did some checking.

Here is the link to the UPS portal page on our website:

If you look under the descriptions on the Enterprise series UPSs, you will see that the VA - Watts correction factor is .60, just like you said in your article. However, if you look at the descriptions of the CPE series you will see the VA - Watts correction factor is .70!

You might also like to look at the newsletter article I wrote on surge protection and MOVs. Here is the link:

I needed a smarter, larger capacity postage scale and I had been using a small Pelouze PS2R1-P. It worked ok, but did not have the capacity for anything over 2lbs. Unfortunately, my new book weighs over 3 lbs. The first “postage” scale I bought (at OfficeMax in Woodinville, WA) was a Pelouze PE10—which has a 10 lb. capacity. I got this back to the office only to discover that the PE10 was not a postage scale—it was just a scale. Once you knew the weight, you were still required to work through the rate sheets of each carrier you wanted to use.


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