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I just saw this movie. If half of what Al Gore says is true, we as a nation, we as the human race are in for a lot of misery as spaceship Earth tries to expell or exterminate us. Even if we do elect an administration that makes some serious impact on the amount of CO2 that we are spewing forth I think it won't be long (certainly in my lifetime) before water is lapping around the feet of politicians standing on the top step of the Capital. IMHO, I think it's probably too late to do much good--too much damage has been done. Given that the CO2 levels are currently 130% of the maximum ever seen in historical data gathered from ice core-samples that go back about 420,000 years, if we had started working on this problem in Teddy Rosevelt's time, we would only put off the inevitable.

Check out.http://www.daviesand.com/Choices/Precautionary_Planning/New_Data/ and http://an-inconvenient-truth.com/ and http://www.climatecrisis.net/


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