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Sorry, they made specal language packs on russian language. If yo would know the web page of such people, write ther adress hear please.
i think that wm2005 wasn't made by russian, because i knew that some from rhe Bellorussia made special language pack for magneto

April 28, 2006 • Vol.28 Issue 17
Page(s) 25 in print issue

I spent the last week in March in Leavenworth, Kan. I was speaking at the Kansas City, Mo., .NET User Group. They had a great turnout and made me feel very welcome. I gave my Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server “Connecting” talk, which seemed to be very well-received.

It has been a quite similiar situation in China (I mean PRC). It is easy to buy a Mpx220 on the market at the price of 1500RMB (about 180USD) and people are wondering that how can they upgrade the OS to WM5. There`re lots of discussion about this. But till now, so far as I know, NOBODY successed in installing WM5 on MPX220.

My opinion is...well... Microsoft`s tridition... new OS = new bugs
Same thing here in Bulgaria - people who have MPx200 have updated their OS to version 5.0. There is a public ROM in 3 parts for MPx200 before more than a half year. All the people who have MPx200 have updated to WM 5.0 without any problems and they say that it's as fast as before.

I really can't understand why there isn't WM5 ROM for MPx220 when this phone have all the hardware requarements for a normal work under WM 5?! I read some time ago that MPx220 is the only test smartphone on which Microsoft made tests during the development of WM 5. If this is true, I really can't understand why there isn't a ROM? There isn't even a hacked version of WM 5 like the version for the MPx200 (for who don't know the ROM for the MPx200 was created by some russian enthusiasts, not Microsoft or Motorola). So why this enthusiasts didn't make a similar version in 1 part for MPx220? It must be easier that for the MPx200... I really can't understand!

April 14, 2006 • Vol.28 Issue 15
Page(s) 25 in print issue

I attended the chapter meeting of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association this afternoon. We were given a talk from a member of the current generation of wartime helicopter pilots—an Army captain just back from a tour in Afghanistan. His presentation included a number of photographs shot in combat and during a wide variety of situations, some quite familiar to the 50 or so Vietnam helicopter pilots in the room.

I just downloaded the R&R program, and it now asks whether or not it should destroy exsisting data
I cant remember my rescue and recovery password and my T42 is useless (won't boot). Appearently the only thing I can do is reinstall R&R but you are supposed to uninstall first! I can't uninstall if I can't boot. Any one have any ideas?
Hi! i live in Russia and there mpx220 costs more then 10 999 rubles(more then 350$) And mpx200 lesser then 150$. And i can't undestand why we can install wm2005 on mpx200 with weak hardware?


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