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That's good. Meanwhile I'm stuck with a hands-free kit that won't work with my MPX220 and they failed to do ANYTHING about it after repeated calls and messages.
Well Motorola I do know slowly is starting to see the customers and the support needs for the customers and I have noticed that calling support the Motorola reps seem to be getting things together now.
and usualy solve my questions better than before.
Im on hold for 40 minutes now and still holding.
It is a wednesday afternoon at 3:19 PM, normal business hours.
The August CTP is not compatible with the July SQL Server. They tell me it won't be until sometime in early November... ;) but PERHAPS the September CTP (if there is one) will be.

Incidentally, the backspace issue has been resolved as "won't fix". It is triggered when you choose a non-fixed-pitch font in the editor. They know what's wrong but are afraid to make any changes this late in the game.

Microsoft asked me to remove my link to the Avalanche beta for "security" reasons. They want to limit the beta to MVPs and selected customers. Those that don't have the August CTP by now still can't get it from MSDN--it's still not posted there. IMHO, this is a serious problem. This version is the most important of all as it includes (for the first time) the implementation of nullable types. It's essential that people download this version from whereever they can get it as soon as possible and test it.
Bill - Is the August CTP compatible with the June CTP of Yukon?
I'm building a log of stuff that I found.
The DataSource wizard bug is apparently a SQL Server 2005 issue. It seems to be okay, but I'm worried that they are going to ship too soon.
Bill, any additional comments / experience with the August CTP over the July CTP?
I lost also data from my USB hard disk the same way. Truly ironic as the program was supposed to protect my data. I'm also thinking of letting IBM know that they must do something about this.

re: "The Island" and MSN

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Yup. I watched that, too.
Remember "The Empire Strikes Back"? When Yoda said "You wiiilll, you will". Hopefully this will be clear when you (and everyone else) gets the CTP.
Know of any talk that describes the big deal about the "nullable types".. i just don't understand what its about or more importantly, why everyone is all in a huff over it
My left foot has blisters...
I've had the new CTP about 12 hours so far and I've been sleeping 6 of those hours. ;)
I'll post on any differences I see. Frankly, I'm more distressed about support (or lack there-of) in VB.NET for the nullable types (as supported in C#). First, I think a change this dramatic destabilizes the build. We're now under 83 days before they plan to release. They have to be nuts to make a change that big in the Framework and expect it to be stable enough to ship by Nov 7. We can only assume they know what they're doing--or they have another plan. Perhaps they expect to ship a preliminary build and a service pack in a month or two to fix the issues they couldn't get done on time.
BTW Bill, did you try the stomp your left foot 3 times and hail "Begone the haunted keyboard spirit" trick for the backspace key?

How many changes do you see in the framework itself at this stage?
After I posted this entry I was told that there was a problem in MSDE land. Apparently, they can't post anything until a problem is resolved. I was able to obtain the August CTP as I'm on an invitation-only Beta V for a new download technology...
I was curious as to "where" as well since i don't see it in MSDN Subscriber downloads
Bill - where???

I just spent about 37 hours downloading the August Visual Studio 2005 CTP. It installed quickly and without issue. That’s a big step forward. It has one little, miniscule, tiny, insignificant bug though. The backspace key does not work. That’s not a problem though. I never make typing misteks.



Ok, I isolated this problem. If I select a word in the code editor and press backspace the word is removed but the backspace key is inop. The other keys work fine and if I reposition to another character, backspace comes back to life. It seems the IDE is still haunted. I tried this on an empty code page and it was even stranger… try it yourself.



Bill Vaughn describes an issue I've run into several times with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2...and how to...
I've loaded all of my reports using the new Whidbey and SQL Server BI tools and they work fine. You'll need to do this to be able to access the new features. There is no need for a wizard...

August 5, 2005 • Vol.27 Issue 31
Page(s) 23 in print issue

I am still working on the next Hitchhiker’s Guide, so I thought I’d share a bit of the “Building Commands” chapter. Another motivation to focus on the Command object again (I visited it this time last year) is the alarming number of developers who are still rolling their own ad hoc queries. That is, they’re using concatenated queriesinserting parameters into the WHERE clause (and other unmentionable places). This practice makes it far easier to inject nasty SQL in places where it ought not be.

thank God you didn't buy a Dell laptop. their support down right STINKS. i wish i had bought a stinkpad instead of my inspiron.
Interesting read, Bill. Before you snake all that fish tank hose into the next room, though, you might think about this winter. That radiator might make a right toasty foot-warmer!!


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