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I have no idea. Just feel lucky that you can train the car kit...
Re: V710 Phone with a 98500 S Car Kit.
If i set my phone to viberate, while wearing in my belt, it will viberate when returned to the car kit.
How do i set my phone to ring while using the car kit and viberate while on my belt.
Jasper Smith

My new Thinkpad T40 DVD Multi-write RW drive was not working. I called the IBM support number from their web site. They said they would send me a new drive with packing materials to send back the old drive. It arrived the next day. The new drive works. It took me 7 minutes on the phone and 3 minutes to package up the drive and call Airborne to come pick it up.

Now that's customer service. They respect my time, my competence and my value as a loyal customer.

Thanks IBM.

It's too bad more companies (like Motorola) can't learn from IBM's lesson.

Well, they can co-exist--except at the major release level. Both VS and SS are referencing the same 2.0 framework. There can't be two different 2.0 "versions" in memory at once. AFA support for older versions... I would take that question to the public newsgroups where MS would address your concerns.
Hi Bill,

I don't agree on the work in process. The framework versions should be able to co-exist and if a particular version of VS or SQL or whatever relies on a specific build it should install it and use that, but it shouldn't crash and burn because a nother version is there. Dependencies are one thing, versioning those dependencies are another.

It's a giant house of cards and it's scary to think about. Think about what will happen in say 5 years, when you want to debug your 1.1 application and you don't have a copy of VS.NET 2003 around anymore to debug that app because that's officially the only way to work and debug that version. This is crazy logic... (a dev environment that works only with one version of the framework that is).
Reporting services is going to be included in all SQL Server SKUs--for free. Some SKUs will have more features than others, but the core functionality will be in all SKUs--or so we're told.
Whats the score with SSRS licensing now for 2005? are they bundling it free or is it still only an option for corporate users due to price? I suppose what I'm saying is do I have to spend a few weeks playing with Data Dynamics Active Reports, when I can just use MS ready made wonder reports..?

Updated: July 26

I'm working with the July CTP this week I've discovered the following:

The Good News:

  • VS seems to start faster
  • The System.data (used for SqlClient etc.) and the System.XML DLLs are now in the list of references for a base Windows Forms application (like C# has had for some time).
  • The “Haunted Keyboard“ bug has been exorcised. It's no longer a problem to pin the tabbed dialogs.
  • The install seemed to take a lot less time.
  • I figured out how to setup a VPC running the Yukon June CTP and connect to it from the host system--but it's a PIA.
  • The inital keyboard setup seems to be correct. I choose “VB developer“ and F8 actually steps through the code.
  • The “visible servers“ dropdown is now far faster--and it shows all of the instances.
  • The GetSchemaTable seems to return correct values when I use a WHERE clause, but...
  • MARS is now off by default.
  • Creating a project with spaces in the name no longer fails on first execution.

The Bad News:

  • The DataAdapter configuration wizard still won't create an updatable DataAdapter if I put a WHERE clause in the SELECT query. “SELECT Au_ID, Author FROM Authors“ works... but “SELECT Au_ID, Author FROM Authors WHERE AU_id > 5“ does not. SEV 1.
  • The Report Viewer and Report (item) are totally broken. These return a “null reference exception“ when used. SEV 1:
  • I still can't setup any aliases--with TCP or named pipes. : SEV 2
  • The Start Page seems to be tied to Internet connectivity. Without an internet link something hangs VS for quite some time when first started.
  • They're still using the same three smiling people in the splash screens during setup. It's as if these are the only people at Microsoft that will allow their picture to be taken. I've seen these same people in splash screens in other MS products.
  • SQL Server June CTP cannot be installed on the same system. I hear that it might be awhile before this is true. Perhaps September.
  • The help system still seems to have a lot of broken and very thin topics and not just the new ones. Press F1 on SqlClient.SqlCommand.CommandTimeout--you're taken to the OracleCommand.CommandTimeout. It' actually a better topic than the SqlCommand.CommandTimeout--it actually shows a default value.
  • The Create Data Source dialog complains that it can't accept CLR UDTs.

105 days to go... if you count the weekends.

And the code camp? What a disaster. My demos worked right up to the point that I could not find the Data Source tab and the Form's Report Viewer code crashed. Sigh. I hate to show this kind of stuff, but it's important for folks to know what's coming (or at least what MS is trying to do). I expect that they might just pull the whole feature if it's not 99.44% fixed in the August CTP.
I'm surprised they're getting as much done as they are. Consider that the two groups are working on different code bases, using different frameworks and project teams. It's like trying to install elevators in a building that's having the floor height (and number) being adjusted every other day. There are a ton of dependencies that make what NASA is doing with the shuttle seem like a bike ride to the park.
Hi Bill,

You know it's such a sad state of affairs that Microsoft can't get versioning to work on this stuff even now. .NET is supposed to be able to do side by side installation seamlessly yet I have yet to see a Microsoft installation actually work that way. Here I was attending a session on versioning at Code Camp this weekend with all the options available, yet Microsoft apparently doesn't like to apply their own rules to versioning. It should be perfectly possible to have side by side installs of all these in between framework versions without clobbering the entire system.
BV - I think you lost some HTML formatting somwhere, this post is almost unreadable. I've done it a few times myself - just look for errant HTML tags ;-)
Are you guys serious? the mpx200 a 'sad joke'?
NOt to my knowledge! i had my phones (i own two mpx200, on eon vodafone/other on orange) for 2 years now and i NEVER had problems with them. my guess is that not Motorola nor MS is responsible for poor quality products but resalers like att wireless, t-mobile. Rebranding a smarphone ain't such a good ideea (Nokia 3650 on Cingular was the least said - a failure) and when att and t-mobile mess up with the smartphone firmware the result is, the least said, dissapointing. So, i ask you to reconsider blaming Motorola and MS for faulty smartphones.

re: I don't get it

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Hoo very good post ^-^ also visit takes ass hold them foker.
Wow, this makes me want to short Motorola stock ASAP. THis has to be the worst customer no-service I've ever heard of.
Hopefully this post will shame some of 'them' into not posting nonsense like that. This is an excellent post Bill!

re: I don't get it

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Affording to retool

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I agree that companies cannot afford to retool - atleast immediately. Sam may find other ways to supplement his travel woes. With so many dealership doors closing does this mean that more busses, trains, and cabs will be serving? Perhaps sam could use a motorcycle for a while, or join a carpool to reduce the wear on his clunker. Eventually, sam will get a break and buy something - perhaps years later. Is it a matter of resources or a mix of resources and ingenuity that sam really needs to travel somewhere. He will be under more pressure if he does not persist towards a solution.

Looking back decades, many examples exist of new ideas emerging and others on the downturn. How important is persistence, respect, and ingenuity? If MS promises something, we hold MS to it. If MS does not promise, should we already know what to expect before hand? Thank you Bill for standing up for respect to the consumer! Thank you Bill for standing up for more ingenuity from Microsoft! Thank you for pushing and not giving in!

AW: I don't get it

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Maybe they need improve their Google Ranking by inserting their links?

I don't get it

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What makes the knuckleheads overseas think that their constant bombardment of messages in Chinese, Korean, Russian or Hungarian has even a remote chance of doing anything but making me (and lots of others) mad? On an average day I get over 100 messages in unreadable fonts. I wonder if they're really trying to communicate with me? Could these be fans or bill collectors? Sure, I expect they're stupid spammers trolling for the odd Chinese-reading soul out in the ether somewhere. Yup, they're using those bulk mailing lists that don't bother to differentiate between those that read their language and those that don't--or they don't care. It doesn't cost any more to send to a billion random addresses than it does to send it to one. I just wish Outlook or some layer up the line would just destroy that junk instead of clogging up my system with their jibberish. I get quite enough crap as it is.

What's going to happen is just that. ISPs are going to start figuring out that their customers don't need (or want) mail sent to them in specific character sets and they'll stop forwarding them (on request). The spammers are going to force the entire world to radically change how we exchange information. Microsoft etal. need to do a lot more--not just beat their chest. I guess they're too busy defending themselves from foreign governments and fifedoms who want a piece of the pie to bother with things that really matter.

Just my $.02.

Y'know what I have always missed with SQL Server? A tool like SQL+ (Oracle).

It's lightweight, (although crappy, if MS wrote such a tool, I'd have a few improvement recommendations), but a must have frankly.

- SM
So sad it's so true...

My heart lies with SQL Server, but I do mostly Oracle development. I use a tool called "PL/SQL Developer" by a company from the Netherlands (www.allroundautomations.com). This tool makes doing Oracle development far more enjoyable than SQL Server development if you can believe that! Intellisense, formatting, templates you name it. This thing rocks!

If Microsoft could make a tool just half as good as PL/SQL Developer for SQL Server, we'd all better miles ahead...

Drive C was full...

Repaired .TEXT -- the SPAM blocker is still in place.

Let's see if comments are working againg. If not, you know how to reach me.

Thanks for your patience.


I just spent the last couple of hours writing and debugging about 40 lines of TSQL code in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio—it should have taken far less time. What a PITA. Once you’ve worked with Visual Studio for years on end, having to write code in a stone-age editor/debugger is the pits. When you get a syntax error, the line number it gives you might (if you’re really lucky) point in the general vicinity of the problem. The compiler gets really confused at the slightest mistake (missing paren or stray END statement). It also has no intellisense so as you work through the archaic T-SQL code, we make more mistakes than ever because the way CHARINDEX and some other functions accept their arguments just seems backwards—and I’ve been using T-SQL since…well, the dawn of time in SQL Server years. That’s what I get for trying to be multi-lingual.

It will be really nice when T-SQL can be coded and debugged like Visual Basic or C# (well, like Visual Basic who wants anal case-sensitivity?). And where is step-into debugging for ad hoc queries? I guess I could convert the code segments to stored procedures and run them there… but that’s not always possible. And no, this code does not make sense as a CLR function.



Here is in agreement with Bill Vaughn. I saw this post he made about a comparison between books and google....

After four months, Motorola finally contacted me in response to a customer service request I placed March 17th. The conversation went something like this:

 Response (Erik)

07/04/2005 12:10 PM

Dear William Vaughn,

Thank you for contacting Motorola.

I apologize for the delay to respond your E-mail, generally we don't take that much time to respond. For your situation let me explain it how it works, from the phone itself, if you are trying to activate from their it will not work over bluetooth only with a wired directly in it, the phone was made like that.

And from the bluetooth car kit I will need to know which one it is so I can provide you with the correct information of the device.


 Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 12:34 PM

Wow… three months to reply. That’s a new record for slow service! The Motorola Hands-Free kit is a 98500. I also have installed the latest update to the phone's BIOS (last week) but it has had no effect on the ability to train the hands free kit.


 Response (Erik)

07/04/2005 02:01 PM


Well in that case let me provide you with the information of how to train it on the bluetooth car kit

To train the car kit’s Recognition, follow these steps:
1 Make sure your phone’s keypad tones are set to normal tones. (Refer to the user’s guide
for your phone for information about using your phone’s Settings menu to define keypad
If the Bluetooth Button E is not lit, press it to establish a Bluetooth link.
2 Press and hold the Voice Recognition Button until it begins to flash.
3 Train the car kit by using the commands described in “Training Commands” below.
4 To exit Training Mode, press and release the Voice Recognition Button.


Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 02:07 PM

I have tried that any number of times. I can get the hands free kit to respond to the training commands from other Motorola phones but not from the MDX-220. The phone has been replaced. The BIOS has been updated with no change. The unit does not respond (at all) when I press the training keys on the phone. If you had bothered to read the initial query (made on March 15th (over 3 months ago), you would see that I have read and I'm following the instructions.



Response (Erik)

07/04/2005 02:33 PM

Which phone model do you have in this case?

Yes sir I did read the information and their it is stated that you have a MPX220 now I need to know which you have.
Please provide me with that information



Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 02:51 PM

Model? MPX220 and the 98500 hands-free kit. What more do you need?
The About box says: Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition
Version 4.21.1088 build 15101.1.3.2
Radio Version 1.00

ROM Update versions:
Operator: 0.480.1003.0
Manufacturer: 1.430.0.0
File System 4.21.15101.0


Response (Erik)

07/04/2005 03:04 PM

In this case, the voice recognition with the phone does not work over bluetooth it will need to be a hard wired car kit and for the bluetooth car kit it will be the same information that I provide you before, in this case I will recommend you to get in contact with the person the installed the car kit for verification of the device.


Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 03:09 PM

The hands free device works fine with other Motorola phones (as I said) so it would be more of waste of my time and money to "verify" the device.
The point is I bought this 98500 kit on Motorola's recommendation. Nowhere on your site did you say that half of the features of the device did not work with the MPX-220. What I want to know is who is going to pay to have it removed and how do I return it to Motorola for a full refund? As I see it you owe me about $300. It's far too late to return the 98500 to the vendor--after a week perhaps, after a month maybe, but after over three months that's ridiculous.


Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 03:47 PM

I just re-read your message. The 98500 IS a bluetooth car kit. So you're saying it should work, I should be able to train it with bluetooth?


Response (Erik)

07/04/2005 03:57 PM

Yes on the bluetooth car kit it self, yes you should be able to do that.



So… Motorola is STILL saying that the MPX-220 should be trainable by the 98500 car kit.


Customer (William Vaughn)

07/05/2005 11:29 AM

So, what is your solution? What is it going to do to get you to honor the warranty? Of course this entire conversation will be posted to my blog which is read by people (your customers) all over the world.

 Customer (William Vaughn)

07/04/2005 04:02 PM

Again, I've been talking about the 98500 BLUETOOTH car kit all along. IT CANNOT BE TRAINED FROM THE MPX220. Other phones can train it over bluetooth. What other solutions do you have?



Here’s where the supervisor come in. Notice that “Marco” knows how to write English.


Response (Marco)

07/06/2005 11:58 AM

Thank you for contacting Motorola E-mail support.

We appreciate your request and also we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience with your product.

Regarding your inquiry, This phone has way more features than any other Motorola phone could have but the voice dialing feature over bluetooth unfortunately is not one of them, actually this phone has a different operating system than the rest of the Motorola phones, this one is Windows based. Most likely for the next generation of smart phones you are going to get all what you expect from us and even more, but by now Mr. Vaughn the MPX220 is limited to it's own memory, processor capacity and capabilities, therefore, is going to be a little difficult to find all the features that you find in other phones (even if they are cheaper) on this one, we had to select the best ones and the more functional ones, never the less we appreciate your feedback and we will take it into consideration.
In the other hand, you will find a great deal of Motorola phones in the market that might full fill your expectations, we can recommend to try research on the following phones: V3 (RAZR), V551, V330, and A630 among others.

Thank you for choosing Motorola, we hope the information given will fulfill your needs.

Best regards,

Customer (William Vaughn)

07/06/2005 12:13 PM

Yes, I was aware of the type of phone and its features when I bought it. However, I was not made aware of its limitations until after I bought it and the hands-free kit. Nothing on your side lead me to believe that the hands-free kit would not respond to voice dialing. At the time The 98500 was recommended as the best choice for the phone. The 98500's description included voice activation, voice dialing and other voice-activated features. If you had told me that these voice capabilities would not work with the phone I would not have spent so much time and money trying to get them to work. On more than one occasion your own support people insisted that the feature "should work" and it was a problem either with the phone (I returned it for repair) or the unit (I tested it with another type of phone). This is unacceptable. As I see it, you need to refund me the price of the hands free kit and the cost to install it and remove it.

For example Motorola - Hellomoto - MPx220 - car kit
Wireless Car Kit – 98500 / S9642A This car kit combines hands-free convenience with sophisticated Bluetooth® wireless technology. Adjust and control volume, and also answer, end, mute or place calls – all directly from ...
http://www.motorola.com/mdirect/hellomoto/experience/mpx220/flash/ context_car_kit.shtml - 7.4KB and
These pages (found by searching for bluetooth car kits for the MPX220) say nothing about the fact the device does not support voice dialing or the inability to even train the device. Since the device cannot be trained, I must take my hands off the wheel to answer or make a call. This is the reason I purchased and installed (at great expense) this specific device.

Again, are you going to honor the warranty?


Response (Marco)

07/06/2005 01:13 PM

Thank you for contacting Motorola E-mail support.

We appreciate your request and also we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience with your product.

Regarding your inquiry, I understand your frustration and I do apologize for any inconvenience, anyway's Mr. Vaughn even though our web site say nothing about the fact the device does not support voice dialing or the inability to even train the device on our web site you are not going to find a statement saying that the MPX220 will support voice dialing with any car kit or any other device over bluetooth.
Motorola manufactures phones to the specifications of each carrier. As a result, carriers may make changes to a phone, or may ask Motorola to make changes, when it is programmed or serviced, for use on their network. Because of this, the use of certain accessories with your phone may differ, and functionality may vary from carrier to carrier. If a specific feature advertised, by Motorola, is not programmed into your phone, or usable with an accessory, please contact your carrier for feature availability.

Thank you for choosing Motorola, we hope the information given will fulfill your needs.

Best regards,

Motorola Email Support Team.


 Customer (William Vaughn)

07/06/2005 01:31 PM 

That's doubletalk. The phone doesn't specifically say it permits you to dial with your toes either. When the accessories you tout for the phone say they have a feature, it should clearly say which of these features work with the phone. To this day you're still telling customers to buy your latest hands-free kit with the MPX-220 which does not work any better (or does it?). The line about how carriers ask for specific features is interesting... are you saying that some carriers support all of the hands-free kit features with the MPX220? Name one anywhere in the world that does.
I see this approach to deceptive marketing as consumer fraud--it's certainly not going to win you customers in the future. I expect my only course of action (besides posting this thread to my blog) is to pass this thread along to the FTC.




After that, a Motorola “Consumer Resolution” representative “Maria” called my home and we spoke for some time. I explained that I was a loyal Motorola customer. My first cell phone was a Motorola and I bought Motorola phones for my entire family. I told her I intended to use the MPX-220 as a software platform and I was planning to write a book about its use when the new OS was released (those plans are now officially cancelled). Their suggestion that I buy another Motorola phone to work with the car kit did not go over very well. I had paid a pretty penny for the MPX-220 when it first came on the market thinking that it would work with the Bluetooth devices that Motorola’s own website suggested. She wrote down that I have a MPX-200 in the call log. I told her that we (and my wife and I) are concerned about safety as while driving I can’t answer or dial the phone (as advertised) by voice command. I mentioned that the MPX-220 was discovered and connected to the blue-tooth interface within seconds on a 2005 Acura MDX (very cool). The MDX had no trouble using voice dialing with the phone in my pocket. (double cool). She offered to replace the 98500 car kit with their latest model. I asked if the new kit would work any better. She said no. I asked if she would pay to have the 98500 removed and the new “improved” kit installed. She said no. I said “No thanks”. I asked if Motorola would honor their warranty. She said that because I bought my kit from someone other than Motorola, that they could not refund the price or the cost to have it uninstalled. She convinced me to accept a speaker phone accessory for my trouble. At that point I gave up on Motorola ever doing anything substantive toward keeping me as a customer. That day I received notification that she had ordered a speaker phone accessory (about $7) that would arrive “overnight”. It never came. In curiosity, on Tuesday the 12th I called to check on the status—the order had been cancelled. Their approach to “customer satisfaction” is hardly one to win any customers.


I guess my only option is to send a letter to the FTC.





July 8, 2005 • Vol.27 Issue 27
Page(s) 21 in print issue

One of the questions I was asked at the DevTeach conference, which was held in Montreal the week of June 18, concerned placement of business logic in stored procedures. People asked, “Is this the proper place?” I told them a rather long story about when I worked for the Department of Public Safety in Austin in the ’70s.

I overheard that there is a “slight” problem with Passport in that it requires reauthentication of a Hotmail account after it's been connected for over 24 hours. My systems are on 7-24 so that has happened to me for some weeks now. The symptom? Hotmail account(s) in Outlook constantly prompt for a password. If you enter the right password, they just prompt again until you restart Outlook. The folks in Redmond are working on a fix.


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