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Déjà Vu

The Timkers - Déjà Vu delivers the same thrill ride as the first book in the series. Back in Seattle and his own time, Sam Harkins has restarted a life he hopes can be "normal." When his world is torn by one déjà vu incident after another, he realizes reality is dissolving around him. Thrown back and forth in time by a mysterious force, he begins a journey filled with intrigue, suspense, sweet romance, and a frightening glimpse of his destiny.

The Timkers—Déjà Vu is currently available in print and on Kindle from Amazonsimply search for "Timkers."



««««« "Déjà Vu" is thoroughly enjoyable, even the tense parts and heartbreaking parts. Sam, Ruth, Vili, and Juljiana return from the first book and they are all in a race to keep time from unraveling while avoiding an alternate and pretty icky future for Seattle. There are great new characters, such as Ruth's sister, Easca, and some gangsters who kidnap Easca (twice) in 1934. There's Avey, an artificial intelligence programmer in 2020 who also happens to be Ruth's great granddaughter. In 2080 we meet a bureaucrat and a corrupt Senator who both sound familiar somehow. We also meet a brave conductor on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War in 1860s Virginia.  

The story includes murder, bank robbery, miscarriage, attempted rape, sexual fantasy, time travel, robots, and bacon cheeseburgers. Some scenes are laugh out loud funny, and some are truly heartbreaking, but all are essential in the characters' reality.  

The various parts of the story rage along sort of in parallel, but in different times, yet all drive toward a confluence of time and story. Will Sam and Avey finally get together for some sweet sexy time? How will the plot resolve, yet set things up for the next book in the series? (Bill, are ya done yet? Are ya? Are ya?) 

The last chapters of both books had me pacing the floor and pretending I wasn't drying my eyes; the first book a little more so than the second. The series is definitely worth your TIME (awkward reference intended).

In the credits, WR Vaughn says (probably at the insistence of his lawyers) that the book “...might not be suitable for younger readers.” In my opinion, that may be true, but for older teens who have already seen the crap passed off as sexy in movies and the internet, this story might actually give them some appreciation and hope for their own sexual possibilities, and encourage each of them to accept themselves as they are, imperfect and improving people speeding through their own life adventure, and hopefully with someone they love.

Michael Kysar -- Bellevue, WA

«««««Just when you think the story could not have gotten any better, W R Vaughn releases the second book of The Timkers series, Déjà Vu, a captivating tale of Sam Harkins life and his adventures in time travel.  Sam and his fiancée Avey are living what they think is a normal life only to discover that the world that they are creating is exactly the destruction of their future.  Déjà Vu takes you on a roller-coaster ride of suspense, mystery, and romance.

Dawn Chellel -- Philadelphia Suburb Book Club 

««««« The Timkers--Déjà Vu is a compulsively good read. The second entry in the highly original series authored by W R Vaughn, it continues the mind-bending journey that involves time travel and technology gone so awry that humankind is at risk. Happily, the frightening storyline is leavened by wit, an inspiring love story and even a dash of political satire, making the tumultuous ride all the more enjoyable. 

Peggy Stack -- Frederick, Md.

««««« If you enjoyed the first  book in The Timkers series, here is  another fast paced, evolving book that involves  intrigue, romance, adventures,  and time travel.   A great read, leaving the reader wanting more…

Shelley... an avid reader.