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Beta V has produced both fiction and non-fiction books and other content since 1992. Our principle author, William Vaughn writes under several pen names including WR Vaughn. While beginning as an independent author with Hitchhiker's Guide to VBSQL, Mr. Vaughn has had nine titles published by Microsoft Press, APress and Addison Wesley. He's currently focusing full-time on writing popular fiction in both young-adult and new-adult titles—all of which have been independently published.

An award-winning author and photographer, William's books, articles and images have delighted readers young and old for decades. He resides in the Pacific Northwest where the forests and fauna provide a rich source of story ideas.

Young Adult Fiction Titles

While William characterizes his early work as "technical fiction," in 2008 he refocused his efforts on young adult fiction. The result was The Seldith Chronicles, a series of books that follow the exploits of a forest elf no taller than a Shiitake mushroom. The Owl Wrangler has recently been added to the Lake Washington School District's Summer Reading program.



Adult Fiction Titles

Written for new adult readers, under the name WR Vaughn, The Timkers -- A Stitch in Time promises an exciting adventure. Readers follow Sam Harkins, a troubled young man fleeing from the police. He finds himself transported to his favorite period in time—the 1930s. After discovering the Great Depression is very different than imagined, Sam meets Ruth, a girl desperate enough to work in a brothel. They fall in love just before Sam is recaptured and forced to return to his own time, without his sweetheart, but with a serial killer hot on his heels. It's currently available in print and on Kindle from Amazonsearch for "Timkers."


The Timkers - Déjà vu delivers the same thrill ride as the first. Back in his own time, Sam Harkins falls in love and begins a life he hopes can be "normal" only to find his world is not really what it appears to be. He begins a journey is filled with suspense, romance, and a frightening glimpse of the future. It's currently available in print and on Kindle from Amazon—search for "Timkers."




Technical Titles

Before William retired from the technical world, he wrote over a dozen books as well as hundreds of magazine articles, editorials and training courses. His work has been translated to German, French, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Korean and Japanese so you'll find them in bookstores all over the world.


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